About the Bubble Barn

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to common questions you might have about the Bubble Barn.

Membership FAQs

What is the Bubble Barn Unlimited Membership?

Bubble Barn’s Unlimited Membership is your ticket to a spotless vehicle, granting you unlimited access to our exceptional car wash services across all Southern Idaho Car Wash locations. Wash your car as frequently as you desire with any of our wash packages, enjoying the convenience and exceptional value our membership offers. Joining the Bubble Barn Unlimited Membership ensures that you keep your vehicle sparkling clean while simplifying your car care routine.

How do I get the Bubble Barn Unlimited Membership?

Just stop by one of our locations during daytime hours and or give us a call. The attendant will fill out a form with you that asks for vehicle information and the desired wash package level. An RFID Tag will be placed on your vehicle. Credit Card information is required and will be processed upon form completion.

How many vehicles can I have with my Bubble Barn Membership?

The program is specific to one vehicle. Each vehicle will require its own membership.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, though we are sorry to see you go! There is no contract. Simply visit one of our locations or contact us during business hours to cancel your membership. Please remember, no refunds or credits will be given for partial periods/months.

What does it cost?

See the information on our pricing page for details

Pay As You Go Membership FAQs

What is your Pay As You Go Membership?

We recognize that for some, a Pay as You Go Membership is more practical than an unlimited membership. Similarly, a tag will be placed on the vehicle and it will automatically be charged to the billing method on file.

Why should I consider a Pay As You Go Membership?

Discounts! The cost per wash is $2 – $3 off normal price if you have a Pay As You Go Membership.

Can this be combined with other coupons or discounts?

No, this program cannot be combined with other programs.

What does it cost?

See the information on our pricing page.

How Bubble Barn Car Wash Works FAQs

How does the Car Wash Work?

We have a total of 4 bays. Two self serve hand wash stations, 1 automatic soft touch station, and 1 automatic touchless. Going through is fast and easy. Simply choose your wash, pay at the pay station via credit card or cash, go through it by following the lighted instructions along the wall, and then proceed to a drying and vacuum station. Use our clean towels for some extra drying, if needed, and then give the inside a good clean to match the exterior.

How is each wash “custom”?

In the touchless and soft-touch washes, we utilize the latest scanning technology and scan your vehicle for the perfect, custom wash each and every time.

What are the hours?

Our washes are open 24/7. 365 days a year. Attendants are available during most of the daytime except major holidays.